Moving in day: remember to do these things

Your removals team is at the ready to do the heavy lifting come moving in day.

But what do you do on moving in day? 

With the farewells to your old house having been made, it’s now it’s time to start settling in at your new address. Here’s what you can do to make your move easier and run a little smoother:

  • Protect the floors
  • Work with the removals team
  • Sign on the dotted line
  • Do a quick clean up
  • Start sorting out the furniture
  • Head out for a restaurant dinner

Watch the floors

Whether you have carpet, tiles, wood or laminate flooring in your new house, set down some sort of protection before the movers start bringing the boxes from the removals truck

Rolls of plastic, plastic drop sheets or pieces of cardboard boxes will prevent any dirt being ingrained in the carpets or scuff marks appearing on laminate floors, especially.

You will have more than enough cleaning to do once you have moved in. No need to make it harder on yourself.

Make your moving in day as organised as possible by following these tips

Teamwork makes moving easier  

As soon as the moving company truck pulls up to the gate, introduce yourself to the team leader. You will be working with him or her during the course of the day, so best to get off on a good footing. 

Walk them through the new house, showing them where the rooms are. Invite them to ask questions if they are not sure. Be open and proactive. 

This will benefit you in the long run as you don’t want to be moving heavy boxes to the correct room once the movers have left.

Sort out the paperwork

It’s important to ensure that the movers present you with the inventory before they leave. Go over it thoroughly, checking for any discrepancies before you sign. 

Make sure that the moving company team leader signs the document as well, and keep a copy for your records.

Get the cleaning done before moving your furniture into place

Get cleaning

Before you start unpacking the boxes, take out your detergents, scrubbing brushes and cleaning rags and start cleaning. 

Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors before moving the furniture in place. 

Give the bathrooms a thorough clean, giving extra attention to the bathtub, shower and toilet.

In the kitchen focus your energy on getting the oven clean, the cupboards wiped down inside and out and the countertops free of dirt and grime.

Sort out the furniture

With the floors and surfaces clean, the next step is to start organising the furniture. Re-assemble any furniture that was disassembled and move it to the correct place in the room. 

Children’s bunk beds, reattaching bedside tables to headboards need to be sorted out during this stage.

When moving in to your new, make a point of starting to unpack your children’s stuff first.

Now for the moving boxes . . . 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Moving in is a process and it’s better in the long run to take your time.

Go through your new house room by room and inspect the boxes. Put the damaged boxes to one side, making notes about any defects you pick as you go along. 

Remember to call your moving company to come through and inspect the damage.

Make a point of starting to unpack your children’s stuff first. Getting reacquainted with their special toys will help them settle into their new surroundings sooner.

Go out for dinner!

Celebrate a successful moving day by taking your family out to a local restaurant in your new neighbourhood.

It’ll give you a much-needed break and give you an opportunity to explore a local eating place.

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