Unboxed! Why offsite storage solutions will ease your moving stress

For many people who are moving overseas or embarking on a local move, the safe storage of their valuable items may quickly become an area of concern.

People who, in one way or another, are “in transit” are likely to wonder about the safety of the location at which their precious items will be stored. They may wonder about whether the storage containers are secure. 

And what if their containers get mixed up with someone else’s stuff? What then? Or if they have placed an item in storage and now need to retrieve it.

An affordable moving company such as Selection Cartage offers safe and secure storage solutions for the short, medium or long term. 

Are you one of the South Africans planning to emigrate in the short-term? Data shows some 2 500 people moved overseas last year and that number is set to rise. For the international moves we handle, all the goods will be packed with long-term storage in mind.

The goods are assembled together to determine the volume (length x breadth x height) before being loaded carefully into a storage module. 

claculating volume for loading a storage container
Moving boxes and other items such as mattresses are placed together to determine the volume before being loaded carefully into a storage module.

Our safe and affordable storage services in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg offer 24-hour security and offer a range of other benefits. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Cost-effective modular storage solutions

Renting a garage storage unit has its limitations. The biggest is that you have to rent the entire unit, which may be expensive. Especially if all your goods fit inside with some space to spare. 

The advantage of using a modular storage solution such as the one we offer is that you only pay for the space your stuff takes up. Nothing more. Nothing less.

This makes it a cost-effective storage solution, whether you’re in for the long haul or just a few weeks.

High quality, secure containers

Our containers are only accessible by you. Sprung steel clips ensure that nobody has access to storage containers. 

Containers are dust-free and packed with a minimal amount of handling to reduce the risks of breakage. This makes them the ideal storage solution for items such as fine art pieces. 

Rodent free and fumigated

We keep the nasties away. The storage containers are rodent-free and fumigated every few months. The modules are also kiln dried. The heat treatment eliminates the infestation of the Bora beetle and other insects. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that their valuables will stay safe. 

COVID-19 and the need for secure storage in South Africa

The impact of COVID-19 on the removals and storage industry will only be known fully in the months that lie ahead. 

For now, the reduction of the prime lending rate and the search for better job opportunities may be the factors that are driving people to relocate. And this will invariably lead to the need for safe and secure storage solutions.

Anecdotal evidence shows that people are moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg in search of better work opportunities. And there’s also some movement from Cape Town to Durban.

In this “COVID-19 fog” options for reliable storage solutions will be important.

When your destination home is not immediately available for you to move into, trust us with your storage requirements. 

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