How to get a home removals quote during lockdown

With face-to-face interaction restricted due to the national lockdown, you might be wondering how Selection Cartage can help you with a home removals quote.

As a company that honours its traditions yet embraces innovation, we have come up with a range of options for you to use to help us help you!

Traditionally, a physical walkthrough of your home from one of our sales consultants was the only way we could generate an accurate quote.

But the “new normal” has forced us to rethink how best we can be of service to you – in the safest possible way.

Here are five ways that we can generate a home removals quote for you without visiting your house.

WhatsApp video call

WhatsApp is one of the best and most widely used apps. Anyone who has a smartphone is likely to have WhatsApp installed to stay in touch with their loved ones and colleagues.

However, WhatsApp is not only for personal use. More and more businesses are using WhatsApp to connect to their customers.

There are a few features that make WhatsApp the perfect platform to use to contact us for a moving quote.

Besides being free (you only pay for data charges), WhatsApp enables you to make video calls. By connecting via a video call, you can simply reverse the camera on your smartphone and take us on a tour of your house.

This way we can check on the number of rooms you need to be moved. We can also draw up an inventory list based on the number of items you have in each room.

There are a few features that make WhatsApp the perfect platform to use to contact us for a moving quote.
Get in touch with us via WhatsApp so that we can help you with a home removals quote.

Walkthrough video

If you’re a little camera shy and would rather avoid the “live” video call, then send us a walkthrough video.

Set your camera app to video mode and make a short video of each room that you would like packed up and moved. You can then send these clips to us via email or WhatsApp and we can draft a quote for you.

Send us your pictures

If you doubt your abilities as a videographer, you can always send us still images. Clearly, this would be a little more time-intensive for you.

Nevertheless, you’re more than welcome to send us as many images of the furniture and valuables you need to be moved to your new location so that we can get your home removals quote to you as soon as possible.

Get a home removals quote by using our website

We have developed a custom easy-to-use quoting system to help you get the right information to use. Just complete the four-step process and we will get a free quote to you.

Send us your inventory list

While this remains an option, we would not encourage this method. And it all comes down to definitions and how they affect the price of the quote. You might jot down a chest of drawers that may turn out to be a French armoire.

So, should you need a home removals quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk you through the process you’re most comfortable with.

  • We’re still available by email and phone for all other queries. Or send us a WhatsApp on +27 81 352 1387.