The best advice for moving out day

Face it, moving house is a mission. It’s a “big day” that requires plenty of planning, patience, and a large amount of perseverance.

Remember, leaving your current home is only one part of the moving process. The other is, you guessed it, is moving into your new place.

When one door closes, another opens – quite literally in this case.

Before locking your front door for the final time, make a note of the following things you, or that somebody you’ve roped in to help, will need to have done:

  • Bid your final farewell
  • Greet your movers
  • Oversee the operation
  • Clean up
  • Keep valuables to one side
  • Final walk-through

Pause and reflect

However long you’ve lived in your house, you’ve undoubtedly made some memories along the way.

Taking a mindful, relaxing walk through your house and around the garden will give you some closure as you prepare to sleep under a different roof.

If you have children, talk to them about all the memories you’ve made together having lived at the house. Picking ripe lemons off the tree, birthday parties, playing hide and seek.

Doing this gives you a chance to start talking about making new memories as you settle in at your new address. It will also give you a chance to reflect before the day gets really busy.

Meet and greet

If you’ve hired a reputable moving company, chances the removals crew will arrive at your house promptly to begin their work.

Take the time to meet the crew members and the team leader. You will be working closely throughout together throughout the day, so this is a great opportunity to establish a good rapport.

Being kind to your moving crew members is so important. Professional movers are skilled individuals, often juggling the demands of the client with the requirements of their job.

Moreover, carting heavy boxes and furniture around for a day is back-breaking work. Appreciate the fact that a professional moving crew carry the load with a smile.

Supervise the load

It’s important that either you or a designated helper stands at the truck and watches the crew members load the goods into the truck. This gives you a chance to keep an eye out for any damage.

Be careful, however, not to assume the position of the crew leader. It will only result in tension and unease among the crew. Work with them, not against them.

Clean up

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than receiving a call from the estate agent to say that you forgot to clean the stove and need to arrange for someone to clean it.

Consider asking your domestic helper to come in for the day to do a final clean and tidy up. Or contact an agency and hire a cleaning team.

It’s the right thing to do – and it will save you a lot of time and effort.

The buyers of your home will expect the property to be clean when they move in and you’ll no doubt expect the same as you move into your new house.

Remember the valuables

Keep valuable items such as passports, laptops and jewellery separate so that they don’t get mixed up with the boxes being loaded on to the truck.

Final check

Once the truck is loaded and the house is empty, it’s time for the final walk-through. This will give you a chance to switch off the electrical mains.

Once you’ve done this, make a note of the final meter readings and pass this information onto your utility company. You don’t want to be charged for water, gas or electricity you haven’t used.

Finally, lock the doors and shut the windows.

Arrange to meet the estate agent to hand over the keys (you wouldn’t believe the number of people that leave their old homes and take the front door key with them).

Leave the main set of keys with the agent. As you set any spare sets of keys on a counter in the house take a deep breath, and be sure to travel safely to your new home.

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