Handling your interior design consignments with care

This service has been specially designed to cater to the growing needs of our interior design clients. 

We offer a customised solution for the secure freight of delicate furnishings, décor items and related materials for local, national and international delivery.

Speciality items such as paintings, sculptures, statues and musical instruments like pianos are specially wrapped, packed and crated for transport or storage.

As relocation specialists, we understand the importance of a seamless transition of your client’s precious cargo to their new space. 

You’re sure to experience a move so effortless that you will wonder what the fuss was all about.

Trust us to handle your delicate cargo

Over 80 years of experience in the relocations business has been passed down to our removal teams. This ensures we have crews that are well trained to deliver quality, trouble-free relocations.

  • Enclosed transport vehicles to protect your valuable cargo
  • Specialist wrapping, packing and crating for delicate furnishings
  • Safe storage for high-value artwork and musical instruments
  • Free customised quotations suited to your needs and budget

Here are three good reasons to book your next interior design consignment with us:

Bespoke solutions

We will work closely with you to create a plan that ensures your valuable goods are transported with minimum disruption, on time and within your budget.

Professional team

Wrapping, crating, packaging and container loading by specially trained packing crews to get the maximum content safely into the smallest volume.

Specialist service

Metal trunks to pack specially valuable items, and special bags placed in all moving, shipping and packing containers to combat mould.

Benefits of our service for specialist suppliers

Our focus on specialist suppliers such as interior designers means we pay special attention to the transport and storage of high-value, fragile items such as artworks and musical instruments.

High-grade packaging, including metal trunks and mould-fighting packaging, keep your valuables safe when in transit.

Professional container balancing to prevent furniture damage in lopsided containers. Insurance, shipping and destination handling though our global network of agents and partners.

All of our crews are well trained to deliver quality, trouble-free relocations.