Weighing up the cost of furniture removal: why it’s worth hiring a traditional moving company

As the quotes from moving companies start dropping into your inbox, the cost of furniture removal may seem high at first glance. 

As the numbers and figures slowly sink in, you may be tempted to start looking at other options. 

After all, you have a budget to stick to. 

What about bakkie rental? How much would it cost to hire a furniture removal truck? 

Can I save some money by doing things myself?

Is a self-move removal service an option? 

Companies that offer furniture removal moving trucks (or bakkies) have positioned themselves in the competitive removals industry as cost savers. 

Their selling point is that furniture removal companies are expensive as they have to cover the costs of a vehicle, insurances, packing materials, staff wages. 

Not to mention their profit.

A company such as this would only provide a vehicle and a driver. 

And perhaps the option of a few truck assistants to load the removals van. 

They will transport your furniture to and from any major centre in South Africa. 

Moving to Johannesburg from Durban? Or from Pretoria to Cape Town? No problem. 

They also may claim that managing the move yourself will give you the peace of mind that everything is under control. 

A non-traditional moving company would not provide any packaging materials such as couch covers and bubble wrap.
A non-traditional moving company would not provide any packaging materials such as couch covers and bubble wrap.

However, there are many things a “non-traditional” moving company would not do. 

For example, they would not: 

  • do any packing at your home or office
  • provide any moving and packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, couch covers, mattress sleeves, packaging tape or white newsprint paper
  • offer a safe storage solution
  • offer a shared load to reduce costs    

So, once you have packed and (maybe) loaded your own boxes into the hired removals truck, the rest is up to you. 

To some, this might seem like a lot of extra work and the source of much unnecessary stress. 

You have to worry about:

  • packing
  • ensuring your goods are transported safely
  • ensuring your goods arrive on time 
  • unloading

So have you really saved on the cost of furniture removal?

Make no mistake. Any home removal, whether it be local or international, is hard work. 

There are many elements that need to be coordinated to ensure the relocation is successful.

Sure, the actual removal fee may be a fraction of the price charged. But there are some hidden costs to consider.

According to a recent survey, moving homes is one of the most stressful things that anyone can do.

As British removals industry leader Steve Jordan says in themover.co.uk: “it is true that by the time the mover arrives the customer is climbing the walls and chewing Valium like Smarties.” 

However, Jordan sets the record straight by saying that the vast majority of the 1307 British home movers that were surveyed were concerned mainly with other parts of the moving process – not moving.

As Jordan says, the moving company is generally not the cause of any stress. It’s the moving crew that need to be the experts in handling people “living on the edge”.

Hiring a furniture removals company may cost more than a transport service, but it will put your mind at ease.
Hiring a furniture removals company may cost more than a transport service, but it will put your mind at ease.

Benefits of hiring a home and furniture removals company 

For household moves, partnering with a traditional home removals company is your best bet. Why? Well, you’ll be in safe hands. 

The larger, more experienced companies have trained staff that will give their undivided attention to your job. From wrapping your items and packing them in boxes correctly to loading them safely in the removals truck.

From the initial site visit to providing a customised quotation, the company will ensure your relocation is handled professionally.

Moreover, a traditional moving company typically offers competitively priced storage solutions for all your furniture, appliances and other household goods.

 They will also provide advice, checklists and guides to ensure your move is trouble-free. 

They supply specialist packing materials such as double-walled cartons and greaseproof painting shields to keep your valuables safe in transit and storage. 

In addition, they provide relocation services for pets, as well as specialised items such as wine collections.


Whether you are moving for the first time or relocating to a new town or city in South Africa, it is recommended to select a removals company that offers a comprehensive service.

Not only with this put your mind at ease, but it will also free you up to focus on your fresh start. 

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