Ideas to help you settle in to your new home

Don’t feel bad if the prospect of moving into a new home seems a little daunting. That’s a natural reaction, especially if you are moving to a new area and don’t know anybody. At Selection Cartage we want you to feel settled as soon as possible in your new home so this blog is full of practical advice to help you relax sooner.

  • Get to know the area – Leave the car at home and go for a walk in your local neighbourhood, practice the school run, take a trip to the park, spend time at the local library and get ‘a feel’ for what’s going around you. On your travels, you’ll meet people and this gives you a chance to strike up a conversation. If you’re friendly, people are friendly with you too!
  • Grab a local paper – Find out what’s a happening locally, see if there are any events you can attend to get to know the local crowd. Local papers are full of community news and that’s just what you need if you’re the ‘newbie’ in town.
  • Have a chat with the neighbours – As soon as you have unpacked your cartons pop round to the neighbours to introduce yourself in person. Invite them to your home for a beer or a glass of wine, get chatting with them and find out more about the neighbourhood this way.
  • Visit nearby traders – Head to the local market or pop to the shops. If you live in a small community it’s nice to get to know your local traders. What’s more, you’ll see the same faces shopping on a daily basis so it’s a good way to get chatting and make new friends.
  • Become a volunteer – Look for notices asking for volunteers in the neighbourhood. Whether the community church needs help or the local hospital is asking for support, by offering your time for free it shows you’re committed to local causes and you’ll make a positive impression.