Five tips for a stress-free move

Your mind will be distracted when you move out of your old house so there are bound to be the odd things you forget to do and certain tasks will be overlooked. To make things easier, this blog explores some of the more practical things you can address to make the move as simple and stress-free as possible.

Clean the home – The buyers of your home will expect the property to be clean when they move, you’ll be expecting the same as you move into your new house. So have one person focussing on the cleaning and get everybody else to pitch in with the packing.

Leave keys behind – You wouldn’t believe the number of people that leave their old home’s and take the front door key with them. Don’t let this happen to you, leave the main keys with the property agents and any spare sets on a counter in the house.

Pass on forwarding addresses – When you move your friends, family and people within your social network will want to know where you are moving to. So send them change of address cards in the post, flirt them a text or email them with the address of your new house.

Take meter readings – Before you drive off to start your new adventure make a note of the final meter readings and pass this information onto your utility company. You don’t want to be charged for gas or electric you haven’t used, that wouldn’t be a great start to life in your new home.

Cancel deliveries – Do you have grocery deliveries, milk, papers or magazine subscriptions that you pay for on a regular basis? If so, cancel the orders before it’s too late and give regular suppliers plenty of notice.

Cover these basics and it’ll be one less thing to worry about when you move home.