Piano Movers

Let us assist you with your piano moving. Pianos are extremely heavy, uprights weigh from 175kgs up to well in excess of 250kgs. Grand pianos vary from 250kgs up to 500kgs! If it was merely a matter of weight then all it would take would be a sufficient number of strong individuals to move the piano.

Unfortunately along with the weight come the problems of inertia and balance, the knowledge of which can make all the difference in the move being successful. A knowledge and experience of the correct methods to apply will enable two or three experienced individuals to move a piano safely and efficiently.

Even grand pianos can be moved by two or three properly trained individuals using the proper equipment in the absence of a flights of stairs so, the task of moving a piano is not just a matter of weight. The asymmetrical shape, the fragility of the outer cabinet and inner mechanics, the uneven distribution of parts , all this and more demands not only proper equipment, but also an understanding of the unique dynamics of balance and inertia that pianos pose. Attempting to move the piano with a bunch of inexperienced helpers can not only result in costly damage to the piano but you can also be landed with hospital bills.

Grand piano moves are our flagship service, this truly is what we specialise in. We are industry leaders in this regard and implement our 40+ years of experience in moving these mammoth instruments. Selection Cartage is extremely proud to state that nobody can beat us where moving grands is concerned! Guaranteed to get her to her destination perfectly every time.
When planning a grand piano move care needs to be taken to choose the best grand piano movers. Very few have our extensive experience in grand piano delivery, our grand piano transportation is the safest option when moving grand piano. Whatever your requirement in grand piano transport, Special Deliveries are the trusted name to move grand piano accessories or entire full size grand pianos.
We are best equipped to handle the unique circumstances that arise when moving upright pianos. Be careful when selecting your upright piano movers as upright piano transport has many challenges. Years of conducting our upright piano delivery service has made us proficient in upright piano delivery. Whether moving upright piano parts, transporting upright piano accessories or requiring to move upright piano, trust us to do the transport upright piano with care. Deliver upright piano; we certainly do!
Call our professional team today to move your piano, whether it’s down the road or cross country.