Museum Relocations

Museum Relocation services from Selection Cartage

Selection Cartage have been undertaking museum relocations throughout its 80 years of removals and storage existence. The company has historically always performed quality business removal services and our experienced commercial relocation Service Team continue to be recommended.

Contact our Business team about a Museum Relocation.

No matter what the collection is - whether it is framed artwork, statues, a fossil collection, or a display of amphibians - Selection Cartage will provide the correctly trained staff with the appropriate skills, equipment and materials to make your museum relocation runs smoothly to your schedule deadlines and as risk free as possible. This is achieved by our thorough preparation, and planning processes enable us to fully understand your requirements and ensure that Selection Cartage provides you with a well-organised museum relocation service, from start to finish.

Our museum relocation services include:At Selection cartage we will ensure that your museum is relocated safely and securely. Your prized possessions are ensured with a professional move. Call our team to fully organise your museum relocation with packing and unpacking services included.