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Your mind will be distracted when you move out of your old house so there are bound to be the odd things you forget to do and certain tasks will be overlooked. To make things easier, this blog explores some of the more practical things you can address to make the move as simple and stress-free as possible.

Clean the home – The buyers of your home will expect the property to be clean ...

Don’t feel bad if the prospect of moving into a new home seems a little daunting, that’s a natural reaction, especially if you are moving to a new area and don’t know anybody. We want you to feel settled as soon as possible in your new home at Selection Cartage so this blog is full of practical advice to help you relax sooner.

  • Get to know the area – Lea...

You’ll be giddy with excitement when you move into your new home so there’s a good chance practical safety advice will be the last thing on your mind. However, please spare a moment to perform a few safety checks before you get settled in your new home, we’d hate this new adventure to end in tears.

Check door locks – Go around the property making sure each external ...

Organising a removal without professional help is a logistical nightmare. We’ve seen it all over the years at Selection Cartage and would strongly recommend you seek professional assistance whenever you plan a move, no matter what distance is involved. You’ll experience a number of feelings during a move that’s for sure, some of which we have covered in this blog.

Guidelines to a Hassle Free Office Move or Relocat
Selection Cartage involvement
  • Confirm office removal dates, including planning for execution and completion of every feature of the office move.
  • Check the availability of elevators and/or stairs at both the loading and delivery address.
  • Parking and/or the availability of loading zones will be arranged at the loading and delivery addresses.
  • Confirm repla...
21 TIPS FOR AN EASY MOVE Let's face it: Unless you're a minimalist, moving is one of the biggest and most unpleasant tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. But if you can get a head start and stay organized, you should make it through this mammoth process unscathed and ready to enjoy your new abode. Here are 21 tips to help you escape moving day commotion: 1. Get organ...
How To Pack A Box In Simple Steps

Preparing to pack is one of the most daunting parts of a house move. Your house is filled with objects, you have a pile of empty boxes on standby and somehow, you have to combine the two.

There’s a knack to packing boxes, it’s something we’ve mastered over the years at Selection Cartage and we’d like to share some of our experience with you through this latest ...

The Secret of getting the BEST price for your Hous

Sell your old home and you’ll be eager to move into your new property, this is where we help at Selection Cartage by providing a one-stop removal service.

Before you move you have to sell your old property though and there a number of different steps to take to present the house in the best possible light.

We’ve to think these tips will assist you if you are sell...

How Short-Term Storage Helps During A House Move

Would you consider using storage solutions during a house move? You should do for a number of very good reasons. We often help customers by providing them with temporary storage solutions at Selection Cartage.

Storage is useful for…

Speeding up house sales

Got a buyer for your home but can’t move into your new property yet? Don’t run the risk of ...

Create 2 Checklists When You Move Home

Congratulations if you have sold your house. You’ve finally got there, you’ve found a buyer for your property and now you can start planning for the physical aspects of the move.

Can we suggest drawing up a checklist at Selection Cartage? Draw up a list of ‘things to do’ now and it’ll prevent stress, frustration and possible heartbreak a little further do...

Avoid These Possible Dangers When Moving House

You can call us when you like at Selection Cartage and we’ll provide you with a low-cost quote for domestic or commercial removals.

We treat every move the same, taking care to ensure our customers are totally satisfied with our service.

One area we pay extra attention to is health and safety. Moving home is a physical process and risks should be avoided to keep you s...